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Manufacturing Workforce Recruitment

International Manpower Resources - IMR is a prominent company engaged in search and selection of suitable manpower and provide recruitment solutions to a variety of industries from India.

Manufacturing, with dedicated and special purpose machines has undergone a sea change. There has been a noticeable shift from labour intensive practices to automation. With this trend though the unskilled labour element comes down yet there is considerable increase in skilled and highly skilled categories for operation and maintenance of these very sophisticated machines.

IMR with its practical approach and global outlook ceased the opportunity in recruiting professional for such manufacturing units.

The automation has been well accepted in the manufacturing industry as thus provides consistent and dependable quality control, interchange ability, increased output and has a profitable edge due to mass production.

IMR having recognized the bright prospectus and preferences took special care to provide recruitment services in this sector.

  • Administrative Staff
  • CNC Operators,
  • Fabrication Staff
  • Factory Manager
  • Logistic Staff
  • Maintenance Staff
  • Millwright Fitter
  • Operation Staff
  • Plant Manager
  • Safety Inspector
  • Welding Staff
  • Riggers
  • Forklift Operators
  • Heavy Duty Drivers
  • Trailer Drivers
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